Rio Suppleflex Tippet

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  • Brand: Rio
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Extremely supple, soft nylon. Ideal for trout, small flies and anytime you need a subtle presentation.

The RIO Suppleflex Tippet is incredibly strong, with excellent knot strength and, as its name suggests, unbelievably soft and supple. A featherweight presentation does not impede the natural movement of a fly in the current. Available in 4X - 7X, the Suppleflex is the perfect choice for the trout angler fishing with smaller flies.

Total LengthLine SizeLeader Tippet MaterialTestDiameter
30yd 27.4m7XNylon2.0lb 0.9kg0.004in 0.102mm
30yd 27.4m6XNylon3.0lb 1.3kg0.005in 0.127mm
30yd 27.4m5XNylon4.7lb 2.1kg0.006in 0.152mm
30yd 27.4m4X
Nylon6.1lb 2.7kg0.007in 0.178mm

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