Fly Tying

Dry flies, nymphs, streamers or wet flies. No matter what you tie and what style of flyfishing you choose, we offer you flytying kits for artificial flies and premium accessories from Loon Outdoors, Regal, C&F Design, Semperfli, Tiemco or Varivas.

Flytying is a hobby that involves knowledge of fishing styles, fish species, but also skills and creativity. Fly tying is a manual process using vices and accessories for tying and a variety of materials attached to a hook, imitating insects floating on the surface of the water, for fishing for trout, chub, grayling, pike or asp. The flytying kit allows the mounting of Semperfli synthetic materials or natural hair / fur on fly hooks to produce a certain type of fly fishing. Fly fishermen can buy artificial flies from our online fishing shop or make them themselves with the help of Regal Vise or C&F Design vise, as well as with tensors, scissors, pliers, dubbing brushes from Loon Outdoors. After tying several types and models, we recommend using fly boxes, which keep them handy whenever you need.

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