Fly Lines

Over +100 fly fishing lines, with discounts up to 20%, adapted to any fishing style. Order now a Rio, Loop or Scientific Anglers premium fly line with best prices and fast deliver!

Class, density and color define each fly line and make it easy to adapt to personal style, for fishing on rivers or lakes (trout, grayling, clean, salmon or pike). In our online store you can find cheap flyfishing lines for any style and you can complete your equipment not only with lines, but also with backing, leader and tippet from the same big manufacturers. With an extraordinary durability, low memory and quality of the material (multifilament, fluorocarbon), a flyfishing line completes the fishing session and creates a fine connection between the fly fisher and the fish. For example, Elite Rio lines have a profile that gives incredible loop stability and are excellent in all fishing conditions. They have exceptional suppleness, increased resistance and sensitivity, improving the hook setup at a distance, when the fish bites undecided. From our offer you can buy wires designed to throw large and heavy flies (streamers) over very long distances, but also nymphs or dry flies, for effortless launches. Many of them can be bought separately, but also integrated in combos.

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