The products bought online from our shop FlyFishingOutlet.ro are brand new, in the original packing and are submitted to guarantee, according to current law (OUG 21/1992, republished, with further modifications and fills up and  law 449/200 with further modifications and fills up) and the commercial policy of the producers.

The guarantee does not cover the damages resulted from the wrong usage of the product, careless, accident, contact with abrasive surfaces, exposure to extreme temperatures or damages during transport  or usage, deteriorations on the material ( scratches, cuts), resulted by daily usage of the product, mistakes in maintenance, storage and wrong manipulation, modifications brought to initial condition of the product, mechanical, thermal, chemical, plastic deteriorations, as a result of fires, accidents, vibrations etc.

The guarantee certificate is issued in one exemplary. Loosing the certificate means loosing the guarantee. We cannot issue duplicates.

The vendor declares on his own that the products from the online shop FlyFishingOultel.ro respect the requires regarding life protection, health, work security or environment, according to HG 1022/2002 and HG 457/2003.