Terms & Conditions

Online shop Flyfishingoutlet.ro is administrated by DREAM FISH S.R.L company (in the quality of vendor), registered at the national Trade Register with the unique number J40/11358/2011, C.U.I RO29134450, social capital 200 Lei, with the social headquarter at 2-4 Basmului Street, Bucuresti, Romania.

We recommend to read carefully this document. Using FlyFishingoutlet.ro for placing an online order, the online visitor ( in the quality of buyer), expresses his agreement to below terms and conditions ( in the quality of contract). The contract applies to all goods and services through FlyFishingOultel.ro and can be modified only with the agreement of both parties.
This contract can be modified by the vendor depending on the evolution of legal anticipations, without the obligation specially announcing this.


Below general terms and conditions will apply to all goods and services goods by DREAM FISH S.R.L through online shop www.FlyFishingOutlet.ro by the buyer.
The following terms are defined as follows:
                - goods and services: any product and service that follows to be given by the vendor to the buyer;
                - order: online document by which the buyer demands the acquisition of some goods or                    services available in the online shop offer FlyFishingOutlet.ro;
                - Contract: confirmed order by the vendor ( confirming an order can be made only by phone or online)


By placing an order ( online or by phone), on our online shop FlyFishingOutlet.ro, the buyer agrees with the communication form by which the vendor uses (online or by phone).
An order has the following components:
                -goods or services present in our online shop order mentioned above;
                - clear mentions regarding the invoicing data;shipping and any other special requests;
                - The buyer`s specifications.

Please find below the stages:
                - placing an order-it will generate a unique number for each registered order;
                - taking an order by the sales agent, in the working hours specified on the website at contact section;
                -The order confirmation is done after checking the order and the product stock from the initial order.

This confirmation is made only by our sales agent, by phone or email. The delivery of the order is made after the confirmation and after establishing the delivery details by the sales agent  together with the buyer.

The products from our online shop FlyFishingOutlet.ro can be sold only after placing an order. The order will be processed according to above steps, during our working hours. An unconfirmed order does not mean a reservation of the products. The orders will be processed as they are registered in our database.

The prices from the placed orders and invoices are available 3 days, from the issue date. For the products on special order, we can ask you to send us a 50% deposit from the value of the product.
If the prices or other details regarding the products are somehow put wrong, including the situation in which they were introduced wrong in our database, we reservethe right to cancel the orders that contain these products and to announce the customer as soon as possible about the error.
All the information used in the description of the available objects (static images, dynamic ones/ multimedia presentations/technical details etc) do not represent a contractual obligation from the seller, these being used exclusively as presentation title.
The products stock and estimated delivery time displayed on FlyFishingOutlet.ro have informative title, and due to logistic reasons, they do not represent  a guarantee for placing orders.
The prices displayed on our website are final.

All products bought  online can be returned according to O.U.G.34/2014. The buyer has the right to notify in written the seller that he quits the buying, no penalties and without a reason, in term of  14 days from the package receiving, in the case of provided services, from the moment when signing the contract. The products returning is being made on the buyer`s expense and we recommend to use the same transport method as when receiving the product.

DREAM FISH S.R.L ( also called as the supplier) will refund all the amount for the returned goods as soon as possible, after the receiving of the goods. The returned amount but also the return conditions do not include the transport expenses.

The selling contract definition: any contract in the basis of which the freelancer transfers or engages to transfer the property of some products to the consumer, and the consumer pays or engages to pay the goods, including any contract having the object  of selling products or services.
The contract closing is valid in the moment of issuing the commercial invoice, not when placing the order or issuing the automatic confirmation of the order. Exercising the retire rights ends the obligations of contractual parties.

OUG 34/2014 providences applies only to the definite consumer like any other physical person or group of physical persons built in associations  like are defined at article 2, point 2 OG 21/1992 regarding the consumers protection, published again with further modifications and fills in.
Returned products must be in the same condition and they were received, in the original packing, with the label not harmed or removed and also with all the received documents ( invoice, guarantee certificate, instructions for use, etc) even in the situation when the return is imputed to the seller: wrong packet product, wrong product delivered or products with fabrication defects.

The consumer is responsible only in what concerns the diminution of the products value resulted by the manipulation of them, different from what is necessary in order to determinate the nature, characteristics and functioning of the products.
The consumer informs DREAM FISH S.R.L regarding the quit of the contract by one of the variants: written form or email. The consumer has 14 days to announce the quit of the contract, this after receiving the products.

The obligations of DREAM FISH S.R.L
Flyfishing Outlet  will refund the value in maximum 30 days from the day the consumer announces the quit of the contract. Refunding  the amount will be made in the same payment modality, applicable in reasonable conditions(if the payment was made cash on delivery, the refund  will be made by bank transfer, unequivocal by the consumer  )

Obligations of the consumer
The products are returned to DREAM FISH S.R.L by appointed courier, with no reasonless delay and in maximum 14 days from the quit announce. The consumer pays for the shipping charges.

In all above cases, the products need to be returned in the same condition as being received, in the original packing and together with all accessories and original documents. The deterioration of the products or returning them in a situation the object cannot be resold, will be refused.


The products bought online from our shop FlyFishingOutlet.ro are brand new, in the original packing and are submitted to guarantee, according to current law (OUG 21/1992, republished, with further modifications and fills up and  law 449/200 with further modifications and fills up) and the commercial policy of the producers.

The guarantee does not cover the damages resulted from the wrong usage of the product, careless, accident, contact with abrasive surfaces, exposure to extreme temperatures or damages during transport or usage, deteriorations on the material ( scratches, cuts), resulted by daily usage of the product, mistakes in maintenance, storage and wrong manipulation, modifications brought to initial condition of the product, mechanical, thermal, chemical, plastic deteriorations, as a result of fires, accidents, vibrations etc.

In order to solve a guarantee, please access the guarantee section.


According to law 777/2001 for protecting the persons regarding the process of personal data and free circulation of these data, modified and filled in, DREAM FISH  S.R.L has the obligation to administrate in safety conditions and only for specified purposes, the personal data from the clients.
Processing the personal data represents any operation or set of operations on the personal data, by automatic or non automatic means, such as collecting, registering, organizing, stocking, adapting or modifying, extracting, consulting, using, revealing to third parties, disseminating or any other way, joining or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying.

By reading the terms and conditions of present website, you took a note you are guarantee the rights provided by the law, meaning the right of information, of data access, intervention, opposition rights, the right of not being submitted to an individual decision, the right to address yourself to the justice in case of violation the guarantee rights by 677/2001 law for protecting the persons regarding the personal data processing and free data circulation.

By placing an order and filling the personal  data in the order form, the clients declare they agree that all personal data to be included in the DREAM FISH  S.R.L personal database and they agree all  their data to be stocked and used for:
                - marketing activities by receiving information messages or commercial (offers, promotions, advertising messages and marketing ones regarding the activity of DREAM FISH S.R.L and third parties ) on the email addresses communicated to Flyfishing Outlet ;

                - participating at contests, promotions; sending of non commercial messages or administrative type (regarding site changes, administration etc)
                - internal statistics necessary in order to improve the quality of offered services and new services in order to insure the access at sections with limited access of the website, market research
                - following the sales data

DREAM FISH S.R.L does not reveal any kind of information about their customers or without receiving first their consent in this matter. In the same time, can reveal personal data if these are requested by the law.

The personal information can be revealed to the general attorney, Police, Courts and any other state departments, in the basis of legal stipulations and as a result of a written demand.

According to law 677/2001, the clients beneficiate of the information right (article 12), data access (article 13), intervention (article 14), opposition (article 15), of not being subjectto an individual decision (article 17) and to address to the justice (article 18). In the same time, the clients have the right to oppose the process of personal data and can request the deletion on them. In order to benefit of these rights, any client can address to us by a written form, dated and signed on our headquarter.
On the basis of a written form, dated and signed, sent to our address:  2-4 Basmului Street, Bucuresti, the clients can exercise, free of charge below rights:
                - once a year, the confirmation that the personal data are processed or not
                - to intervene on the sent data
                - to oppose the process of data for legit and consistent reasons regarding their particular situation

Any person has the right to oppose, for legit reasons, to process data. This oppose right can be excluded for some legal reasons( example: process made by the financial and fiscal departments, police, justice, social security). Thus, this mention cannot be possible, if the process has a mandatory character; any person has, also the right to oppose, free of charge with no reason to data process in direct marketing purposes.

Non of the parties will not be responsible for not executing the contract obligations, if one of these situations is because of an event of major force. Major force is the unpredictable event, that cannot be controlled by the parties and cannot be avoided.