According to law requirements no. 677/2001, in order to protect persons regarding the process of personal data and free data circulation, modified and filled-in, DREAM FISH S.R.L, is obliged to administrate in safety conditions and only for specified purposes, the personal data given by their customers. 
The process of personal data is represented by any operation or set of operations that are applied on the personal data, by automatic or non-automatic means, such as collecting, registering, organizing, stocking, adapting or modifying, consulting, using, revealing to third parties, dissemination or in any other mean, combining, blocking, deleting or destroying. 

By reading the terms and conditions on our website, you take a note that you are guarantee the legal rights, meaning the right of information, of accessing the data, the right of intervention, the right of opposition, the right of not being submitted to an individual decision, the right to address yourself to justice in case the guarantee rights from 677/2001 law are broken for protecting the persons regarding the process of personal data and free circulation of these data. 

By placing an order and filling your personal data in the order form, the clients declare they agree that all their personal data to be included in a database belonging to DREAM FISH S.R.L and they give their approval for all the data to be stocked and used for:
-    Marketing activities by receiving information letters or commercial (offers, promotions, advertising messages and marketing ones regarding the activity of Flyfishing Outlet and third parties with which Flyfishing Outlet has relations of any kind) on the email addresses communicated to DREAM FISH S.R.L

-    Participation of promotions, contests, sending non-commercial messages or administrative ones ( messages regarding changes in the website, administration etc)
-    Internal statistics necessary in order to improve the quality of offered services and the image of the website, but also to create some new elements, promotions, functions and new services in order to insure the access to sections with limited access, market research.
-    Tracking the sales data.

DREAM FISH S.R.L will not reveal any information about the clients site without receiving first their consent in this regard. In the meantime, we can reveal personal data if the law requires.
The personal data of the client can be revealed to the Attorney general, Police, court or other state institutions, in the basis of a written demand. 

According to law no. 677/2001, the clients beneficiate of the right to be informed (article 12), data access ( article 13), intervention (article 14), opposition (article 15), not to be subject to an individual decision (article 17), and to address to justice (article 18). In the same time, the clients have the right to oppose the process of personal data and ask for their data to be deleted. By exercising these rights, any person can address by awritten demand, dated and signed to DREAM FISH S.R.L headquarter. 
Based on a written demand, dated and signed, sent to our address:  2-4 Basmului Street, Bucuresti, Romania, the clients may exercise, free of charge, the following rights:
                - once a year, the confirmation that the personal data are or not processed
                - to interfere on the sent data
                - to oppose the process of the data for legitimate and consistent reasons related to their private situation

Any person has the right to oppose, for legitimate reasons, to process the personal data. This opposition right can be excluded for some reasons provided by the law ( take-overs made by the financial and fiscal services, by the police, justice, social security). Thus, this mention cannot be possible if the process has a mandatory character; any person has also the right to oppose, free of charge without any justification to data process in direct marketing purpose.